It's beautiful here

We're here to help you create a joyous, safe and beautiful home, one that tells your personal story.

We make paint and furniture that is a beautifully made, quiet backdrop to the life lived by our customers.

At the heart of everything we do, is an aesthetic that takes simple, useful and beautiful as its benchmarks, to create emotionally uplifting experiences through our paint, furniture and community. Our design philosophy is based on a new classicism that is neither minimalist nor traditional, but quiet, emotive and timeless. We want what we make to be in our customers lives for a long time.

We make intensely-pigmented paints that are quiet and painterly, but also hard-wearing. Colours that are deeply rooted in the natural world, as well as personal memories, marks and fragments – both familiar and comforting. And beautiful furniture that’s designed to last, to be coveted, kept and passed down over the years.

Every aspect of our design and manufacturing process is carefully considered, so everything is beautifully made to the highest quality by British craftsmen. We choose to work only with makers and artisans who share our approach and high standards. We work hard to make this quality accessible to as many people as possible, to help them build their own story of home.

Stories are at the heart of the home, and we love to share them. We hope you find inspiration here to help you make your home perfect for the way you want to live. We hope to be part of your story too, not just today, but for many years to come.

Cassandra Ellis

Cassandra Ellis is a designer, maker and writer. Home has always been her leitmotif and she believes very strongly in home – as a safe place – and as a place full of beautiful things and experiences.

She started her career in events design - creating sets, shoots, experiences, menus and music, honing in on the fine details as well as big concepts.  She has worked in interior and product design, art direction, trend forecasting as well as interiors magazines.

She comes from a family of furniture and textile makers and believes good design can change lives. She is the author of four books on textiles, has written for magazines and newspapers, as well as speaking at the V&A on the importance of making and home.

Originally from New Zealand, she now lives and works in London with her husband and dogs.


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