The importance of Home is why we make what we make and do what we do.

Our home - physical or emotional - is our most important private and public space. It should a safe place – and as a place full of beautiful things and experiences.

We have Values & Principles which are vital to us, our customers and any other person we come into contact with - press, a courier, a supplier - it matters to us that anyone we meet is treated in accordance to these beliefs.


Honesty & Transparency


We are honest and transparent in everything we do – from the provenance of our products, to production techniques, to how we deal with all customers, suppliers and all other contacts.

We believe that kindness is vital. Kindness from us to our customers and contacts, and equally kindness in return.


We want to engage customers hearts. We don’t want the things we make and do to be forgotten about when the next trend comes along. We want our customers to be uplifted by their involvement with us and for them to love what they have bought, read or learnt.




Everything we make has to be useful. Customers can live in it, sit on it, sleep under it or eat off it. We don’t make fripperies, we make things that are needed, but also lift the spirit when they are used

Our furniture and paint is excellent quality with an accessible price-point. This partnership between long-term quality and accessibility is exceptionally important to us. Everything has to be properly made so that it has the opportunity to weave into a customers long-term home story.