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People - Malgorzata Bany and Tycjan Knut

For me, our current place feels like home mostly because we have dedicated a lot of effort to put it together. When we moved in the space was empty, literally. So the experience of building sofa and a bed frame, putting up a screen partition wall, building kitchen units and mezzanine storage… these were our first experiences of the kind. It was most certainly memorable and, as a result, made the space very personal to us. I am ready to enjoy this place for a while longer – for now it feels just right. 

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People - Matthew Cox

This house is so new to us, that we are just longing for is to get our teeth stuck into it. We’re thinking that 5-10 years from now that our house, our home, will no longer be a place that we are busying ourselves over, it will be our perfect home, somewhere to enjoy. Hopefully there’ll be lots of exciting projects, but they will be rooted in where we are now.  We might have a London space or we might flex our design muscles with a restaurant or hotel – or maybe even some other radically different environment. Our house will become just our home – leaving us free to start expressing ourselves in any number of other ways. That’s exciting.

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People - The Fontaine Boys

Home is definitely a fusion of life, collaboration and experimentation for us. More than that though, it’s a place that gives us the confidence to do these things and to be bold. It’s an achievement and a challenge at the same time but must remain constant and safe. The road has been very tough at times, but we become more hands-on each time, although we always swear that this one would be the last time. And this house is the definitely the last one!

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